Fiction by Steve Fendt on Tall and Tiny Tales
A Pair of Brown Eyes. Exploring the rugged bush of the Goldfields near Castlemaine, Victoria, twelve-year-old Keira Smart makes a new friend.
Use edges and value the marginal. Snuggle Time for Grown-Ups is disrupted by a disagreement over what constitutes 'helicopter parenting'.
Happy Birthday, Dr Nguyen; Two Years On … Hugh and Nigel tackle the family; We find out how it all turns out for the Pickin' Chickens.
Use and value diversity. Smurf considers opening a chapter of the Animal Rights Brigade at Dry Creek Farm.
Rear View Mirror; The Morning After. Hue discusses his family 'issues' with Nigel. Ella's phone call finds Tony in a philosophical mood.
Use small and slow solutions. Smurf awaits the arrival of the bobcat with apprehension. Meanwhile, the Hub grapples with Wilhelmina the Wombat and Kung…
A Glass of Wine – and Thou; Two Messages. Loz and Anna discuss their business and personal futures; Tony gets two disconcerting messages.
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Tall and Tiny Tales